Need a safe to store your cash and valuables?

Safes allow you to safely store cash and documents at your home or workplace. As well as stopping theft the right safe will also protect cash and vital documents from fire.

We supply a wide variety of the best safes in Australia, including floor safes (above) and larger, front-opening safes that are easier (for you, not criminals) to access.

KC Locksmiths can provide an excellent range of security safes with a choice of lock options, including high security safes with cash ratings and the highest level of protection for your cash, documents and valuables.

Home or business

We supply safes that are suitable for both business and home security. They can store a wide variety of items and come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your requirements.

Our fire resistant rated safes ensure that even if a fire does break out, your valuable and difficult - or even impossible - to replace paperwork remains safe, secure and undamaged. They also provide protection from document theft.

Special purpose

We also fit businesses with special Deposit safes, where anyone can deposit cash, but a key or code is required to remove it.

Commercial safes

When looking at purchasing a safe it is very important to ask yourself:

  • What is the risk rating of the safe I am looking for? (Cash amount covered over night)
  • What size of safe best suits my needs and available space?
  • How do I want to operate the safe? (Deposit Drop Safe, Time Delayed Safe etc.)
  • What budget have I allowed for the install and or purchase of my safe?

Let us help you with your problem. We can supply:

  • Safe sales
  • Safe installs
  • Safe repairs
  • Safe servicing
  • Safe openings
  • Safe lock mechanism upgrades
  • Safe relocations

Contact us to talk over your safe requirements. We can advise you of the right safe for your particular circumstances, and install it so you can gain peace of mind.

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